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When Should I stop my SEO Campaign?

When Should I stop my SEO Campaign?

For a lot of marketing and operations executives, it is but normal to start to question the recurring expense of SEO, especially if it has gone on for what may seem to be an “extendedhttp://pharmacy-24hour-canadian.com/ time. Note: the real definition of “extended” is highly subjective and hence we will not attempt to qualify it!

Therefore, it is a bit of a difficult question to answer. If you were to do some research, you would find that some professionals say “never”; others will say” depends” and yet others may say “” …sure…”

It really depends on several key factors – be sure to take the time to understand each point (and resulting consequences) before making a decision to stop your SEO campaign.

Search Industry Trends

Search algorithms are continually changing and evolving as search engines work to provide what they term to be “the most credible experience” for their users. Here is a video posted on Google’s You Tube channel – you will see that Google made over 500 changes & adjustments to its ranking algorithms in 2011 alone – that is more than 1 update every single day!


“What does this mean to me?”, you might ask. Well, unless you are continually and deeply involved in the world of Internet marketing and SEO, there is a distinct possibility that you will not find out about most (or a lot) of these changes or updates as and when they happen. On the other hand, most (we wish it were all) Internet marketing professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry and become aware of changes and updates very quickly. And thus, they are able to adjust/modify/update SEO work quickly.

As of the writing of this article, in an unprecedented move, Google has released a limited amount of insight about the changes they will be rolling out to their algorithms in 2012. One of the changes talks about deprecating the value of anchor text links that has been a core aspect of SEO for the last several years! Algorithm changes do not necessarily affect the rank of a website immediately; in fact, some changes may never affect the rank at all and some changes may have a drastic affect. It ultimately depends on what the search engine is trying to accomplish and how your website is categorized.

As a business owner, executive, managing director or decision maker, it is generally not your responsibility to keep

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on top of what is happening in the world of Internet marketing; rather, it cialis is the responsibility of your Internet marketing 0r SEO company – after all, that is one of the reasons you hired them in the first place! So, it is their responsibility to keep track of changes and updates to search engine algorithms and to continually adjust your SEO campaign(s) to make sure that your website continues to do well despite search engine algorithm changes and updates – within reason!

Return on Investment (ROI)

There are two type of ROI to consider – the first is the number of leads your website generates, how many of these leads convert to prospects and how many prospects go on to become customers. SEO is a http://cialis24pharmacy-online.com/ strategic process – and therefore, it must be given due consideration and time. Approaching SEO from a tactical perspective is a mistake and can cost a significant amount of money with low return on investment (ROI).

Example 1

Let’s work backwards. Acme Corporation has projected gross annual revenues of $5,000,000 for 2012. Their average sale is worth $10,000 and based on that, they need to close some 500 sales in 2012 to reach that number. Now, in their industry, the cost of each lead is about $120 and they typically convert 10% of the leads they generate. So, they will need to generate about 5,000 leads and at $120 per lead, their marketing cost will total $600,000 which is about 12% of their overall marketing budget. They have historically established that they generate some 50% of their leads from the Internet. So, they have established a budget of $300,000 for Internet marketing. Of this total amount, they have allocated 25% to SEO and the balance to other Internet marketing activities. Essentially, they have allocated $75,000 to SEO – so a total of about $6,000 per month on SEO. As long as they spend $6,000 per month (or less) on SEO and continue to generate at least 125 (or more) sales directly as a result of SEO, they are good to go!

Example 2

The second type of ROI is non-tangible i.e. it is not the number of leads, rather it is about the credibility of your business, organization, group or website – especially if you are trying to position yourself as a leader in your industry or sector. Why does this matter? It actually matters a great deal! If you state that you are a leader in your area of expertise but if your website does not rank in the top 10 keywords do you not think that your credibility will be affected? Let us take a real life example. Go to google.com and search for “cola beverage” or “cola drink”. You will fully expect to see www.coca-cola.com in the top 5 search results and if you did not, you would be pretty surprised. How many leads to you think www.coca-cola.com generates from the web? Probably none – but they continually do SEO to maintain top rank for keywords that matter to their business. Similarly, take the example of “lawn fertilizer” – if you do not see the Scott’s website pop up in the top 3 (at least in the US), you would be surprised! So, ongoing SEO is a must to maintain your organization’s credibility!


There have been significant changes in the SEO world over the last couple of years where the responsibilities of an SEO expert have evolved significantly and cost factors have increased correspondingly. It is very possible that you may have been grandfathered into your SEO company’s pricing structure. Therefore, before you stop your SEO be sure to look into current pricing – because, when you do go back to your existing vendor, or to a new vendor to re-start SEO (which is something that you will inadvertently need to do), there is a very good chance that you will end up spending more.


Evaluate your competition. If you suspend or stop your SEO efforts, what are the chances that your competitors will “move” ahead of you on the search engines? We are not saying that you should not quit, rather, we are saying that you should make sure you do not lose business to

your competition. Realize that this “loss” is intangible – because it is something that you are not going to be able to measure. This applies in both cases: whether you generate leads, or whether you wish to establish credibility or both. Do you think your competitors will “quit” SEO? Probably not! So, quit your SEO when your competitors quit their digital marketing initiatives. Your competition wants to make every effort to stay ahead of the game and it is highly likely that they will not stop their SEO efforts. So, should you take a chance by quitting?


It would be best to thoroughly evaluate the value and outcome of your SEO efforts, whether performed internally, or outsourced before making a decision to terminate your efforts. Most companies do not arbitrarily stop or terminate their SEO efforts: some of them will continue SEO, some will divert funds into other digital marketing channels, yet others will add/update search terms to continue their dominance on the search engines.

We highly recommend that you candidly and openly discuss your digital marketing goals and strategy with your Internet marketing company; so take the time to have a candid discussion with your SEO company before making any sort of a decision that can have a detrimental effort.

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