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What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a core part of Internet Marketing. Most, if not all, of us turn to search engines (such as Google, Bing and others) to find information. To “google it” has become part of the language of millions…whether we are at home, or on the road, we immediately turn to the Internet to find what we are looking for…

Now, for a website to be “found” on a particular search engine, it has to be listed in the “index” of that

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search engine and it also has to appear in search results. Currently, there are two ways for a website to start to appear high on search results. The first way is for the website to gain in popularity based on public interest over a short period (known as going viral) and the second way is for the website to be optimized for search engines via SEO. There are few websites (and topics) that go viral; the most common way for most websites to get up in the search engine results is for them to be properly and ethically optimized for search engines. Anything less than top 10 placement is not going to drive the results that you are looking for. Most people do not go to page 2 of search engine result pages unless they cannot find that they are looking for. And, folks, that happens rarely!

The overall aim for SEO is to increase the volume and quality of traffic to your website by improving its search engine rank and this is accomplished by increasing the popularity of the website over time. Typical SEO efforts start with an online marketing strategy that allows your customers and visitors to find your business and engage with it. Keywords (search terms) are used by people to find your website on search engines and these keywords become part of your content. Content refers to any material that is published on a website and includes verbiage, graphics, images, videos, articles, white papers, case studies and much more.

With the advent of social networks, social channels are now used as signals to measure the authority of the content celebrex side effects and therefore, by default, the website. Facebook “likes” and Google “+1′s” are indicators of how relevant and authoritative that content is

and that affects nexium generic the search engine rank of a website. SEO efforts need to be measured continually and the online marketing strategy needs to be adjusted accordingly.

You also need to track your visitor’s behavior and use that to optimize your SEO. Finally, you need to report on your efforts to gain a generic viagra canada clear picture of the results of your efforts.

Search Engine Optimization is a true and tried approach to Internet marketing and is known to drive serious results.


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