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What is better? SEO? SEM? Or Both?

What is Better: SEM or SEO?

SEO or SEM Strategy

When it comes to Internet marketing, a lot of people ask whether it is better to invest in SEM (Search Engine Marketing: the paid type where you pay per click or impression) or to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization: the organic type where your website is naturally optimized for search engine rank over time).

Here is a screen shot lexapro fatigue showing paid as well as organic (natural) search results for the term “organic spices”.

SEO OR SEM - Screenshot


In actuality, it is not a matter of either/or. The best way to get maximum exposure on the Internet is to use both SEM and SEO. Properly structured SEM can deliver excellent results with virtually no lag time. It can also help you to fine-tune keywords for organic SEO by measuring competition, traffic stats and clicks on your ads. If you are uncertain, or unsure about how to set up your paid search marketing campaigns, you may want to consider consulting an expert as there are lots of settings that can be tweaked and adjusted to deliver best performance. Unfortunately,

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improperly implemented paid marketing campaigns can cause you to burn through a large amount of money without getting an effective return on your investment! So be careful! With paid search engine marketing, you can target hundreds

to tens viagra7-pharmacycanada of thousands of search terms, which is something that is not practical with organic search engine optimization. So, it is best to target your most important keywords for organic rank and supplementing that with a wide variety of paid keywords.

To reiterate, a combined SEM and SEO strategy will get you to stand out. Here is a screenshot of search results showing both paid and natural search results for the same website for the search term “hardwood floor”.



SEO is the most important part of your online (web/internet/digital) marketing strategy. With carefully structured SEO, keywords and search terms relevant to your business will start how much does cialis cost at walmart to naturally appear higher on search engine results, leading to increased traffic. Assuming that your website is properly constructed and structured, this should generate more leads and in turn, improve your bottom line. Natural search engine rank leads to increased credibility, viagra brand authority and relevance in the mind of the customers.

SEO does not happen overnight. Building “credibility” in the “eyes” of search engines is something that takes dedicated and consistent effort and should be done slowly and methodically. Search engine algorithms (the magical code-behind-the-scenes-that-determines-rank) are a well–kept secret and are constantly being updated: Google alone releases over 500 updates annually and rank can and does change, sometimes drastically, so you will need to keep an eye on such updates. www.ipadr.xyz If in doubt, hire a professional agency to manage your SEM and SEO.

Interested in learning more about SEO? Learn more about SEO in our article – Understanding the SEO Process.

For a new website we recommended starting with a tightly structured and controlled paid search marketing campaign (SEM) along with an organic search engine optimization campaign.

Finally, one word of caution: avoid working with a company that absolutely guarantees #1 rank on any search engine, or guarantees results that appear to be too good to be true. Use your best judgement before making a decision; make sure the agency you select is competent and make sure you ask to see results of their work – a solid portfolio of SEO projects with high rank for customer websites is a sure indicator of success.

What has worked better for you? SEM? SEO? Or Both?

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