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Optimizing Website Performance

Optimizing Website Performance

Website performance can often be overlooked during the design and development process. The amount of time it takes for a website to “load” impacts most everything from the user’s experience to search engine crawl rates and can also affect the website rank on search engines.

High performing web destinations are generally rewarded with longer lasting visits leading to more conversions and ultimately, to increased profits. Therefore it is important to take necessary steps to http://viagra24onlinepharmacy.com make your web presence – whether it is a website, a web application, an e-commerce site or a blog – load as fast pharmacy technician training online as possible.

Since this article is dedicated to optimizing the front end of your website, we will leave the back end improvements to the technology gurus at your website hosting company or at your IT department.

When it comes to website (front-end) optimization, here are some tips that can help:

Start by measuring the loading speed of your site. There are several tools available that will help you to measure and establish performance benchmarks.

Yahoo’s YSlow

The venerable YSlow tool from Yahoo still shines and has

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been around for several http://nexiumonline-generic.com/catalog/Gastrointestinal/Noroxin.htm years. It also offers extensions for Firefox and Chrome and suggests ways to improve website performance.

Above: Yahoo’s YSlow Screenshot

Google’s Page Speed

Google Page Speed is an open source set of performance tools that can analyze your website for loading speed issues. Not only does Google’s Page Speed include tools that measure website performance, it also includes extensions for Firefox and Chrome. And what’s even better is that you can also do an analysis for mobile performance as well.

Above: Google Page Speed Screenshot


ShowSlow is another open source tool that monitors website performance by capturing multiple website performance metrics from Yahoo’s YSlow, Google’s Page Speed and dynaTrace AJAX rankings and graphics to help website developers understand how performance is affected by design and development changes.

Above: Slow Speed Screenshot


WebPageTest.org provides a waterfall view of a website’s load performance and provides suggestions for improvements along with an optimization checklist


Above: Web Page Test Screenshot

After you have measured page load speed and current website optimization status, let us look at what changes can be made to improve the performance of the website. Start by focusing on the following areas – you can work with you website designers and developers on this pretty much immediately.

Please note that many website designers and developers may not offer detailed website load time optimization in the design & development part of the project, rather, they may offer this viagra as an add-on or additional service at a later date.

Reduce number of HTTP requests

The most apparent load time generic viagra optimization flagyl uses tip is to minimize the number of HTTP requests made to the web server. A lot of time is spent downloading components from the web server (images, graphics, style sheets & scripts) and simplifying the design can reduce the number of these HTTP requests.

Expires Headers

If your website is not continually changing and being updated, you can make the non-changing components such as images, style sheets and scripts cacheable. This can also serve to reduce the number of HTTP requests. Try to add a far futures expires header with an expiration date in the future to see if this improves load time

CSS Sprites

CSS sprites allow you to combing background images into one single image by using canadian pharmacy online the CSS tricor cholesterol properties such as “background-image” and “background-position” to adjust how the image displays on your site. You can also use image maps to reduce the number of HTTP requests made to load multiple images.

Multiple Style sheets

If there are multiple style sheets attached to your website, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests by combining them into a single CSS file to speed up loading times.

Compress Site Components

In addition to reducing the number of HTTP requests, you can also compress certain components such as scripts and CSS style sheets on the website to improve lading times. The most popular and effective compression method is Gzip. This is followed by deflate as a second most popular option.

Code Minification

Code minification removes all unnecessary “white space” such as spaces, new lines and tabs and this in turn reduces load time because the amount of time to download the file is reduced and that improves website performance. Popular tools to minify JavsScript files include JSmin and YUI compressor.

HTTP Redirects

Keep HTTP redirects to a minimum and use then only when necessary. There are times when one or more redirects are required (for example, when you move a website or restructuring the structure) – know that viagra redirects will cause a website to load slower as the browser will go through the process to load the original page and then go through the process to load the re-directed page.

In summary, website load time optimization is a complex subject and it is best to test and the improve performance incrementally and then to repeat the process as needed and desired. Website optimization takes time and patience; and if you do invest the time to optimize your website, the results can indeed be gratifying.

Other suggestions include the reduction of the number of DNS lookups, elimination of CSS expressions, moving JavaScript and CSS to external locations and more.

The above tips will get you started with the process of optimizing your site; if you want to delve deeper into the process, consider approaching each of the following as an independent project as part of the website load process. Remember, web pages are typically loaded in sequence and some of the steps can repeat multiple times.


Above: Website Loading Process in Detail

You could tackle each of the above steps of the loading process as a single smaller project. Remember to continue to test your site performance and to make incremental updates to improve the performance.

Regardless of what approach you take, at the very least, we recommend that you get started with the steps outlined in this article.


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