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Generating Stellar Website Content

Generating Stellar Website Content

Google and other search engines are starting to use social media websites (eg Facebook, LinkedIn) and social channel (eg Twitter) “likes” and “mentions” as strong indicators of relevance and authoritativeness of website content and this relevance and authoritativeness contributes to the overall search engine rank of a website. Take a moment to read our “What is Search

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Engine Optimization” article to get a better sense of how critical website content is and how you absolutely need to put time and effort into generating stellar content.

Remember, stellar content is what your website visitors are after. If the content in your website is not enough to entice and engage your visitors, there is a high possibility that they will simply leave. Simply keep the following guidelines in mind as you work on putting together your content and

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you will be sure to engage your website visitors:

Content Originality

It is best to avoid copying material from anywhere. If you must copy, take time to alter the content substantially and make it authoritative so that it becomes meaningful in the context of your website and adds “value” http://celebrexonline-pharmacy.com/ for your website visitors. There is no need to celebrex reinvent the wheel but there is a need to make sure that http://celebrexonline-pharmacy.com/ the wheel is unique, relevant and meaningful. (You will probably get tired of the term “relevant” in our learning center). When it comes to the Internet, relevance is one of the keys to success…think about it – if your services, or products, are not relevant to your customers, why would they come to you? Why would they seek out your website and then stay there?


Make sure you have no misspelled words, factual errors, outdated information and incorrect citations. Your website visitors WILL spot errors and they WILL penalize you in some way or form by simply leaving, or worse still, by giving you a thumbs down on social media websites or social channels!


Make sure the information you want to present to your visitors is easy to find and “consume”. At the same time, your website should be visually pleasing, engaging and well-designed. After all, there is something to be said about attractiveness!


You need to show your authority on your subject. There is a lot – we repeat, a LOT of noise and clutter out there – and the only way to stand out amidst all this noise and clutter is http://lipitorgeneric-online247.com/lipitor-cholesterol-meds.html to be original, derisive, decisive and authoritative. So your content must be authoritative and meaningful for your website visitors


The goal is to provide value to your website visitors taking into consideration all above

factors and so that your visitors will find the content to be useful and will actually link to it and benefit from it.


  1. Generating Stellar Website Content…

    Generating Stellar Website Content…

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