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Search Engine Optimization - Part 2

Understanding the SEO Process

The main purpose of SEO is to increase the popularity of your website by increasing the number of links that point to that website: essentially, SEO is all about strategically increasing the number of “incoming” or “inbound” links.

SEO can be confusing and can also be difficult to understand…and if you are considering hiring an online marketing company to help market your website on the Internet via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), take some time to understand how SEO works so you can gain most benefit from your SEO campaigns. (PS – If you haven’t read our lexapro generic introductory article about SEO, take a moment to read What is Search Engine Optimization).

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SEO has Evolved Tremendously!

Search Engine Optimization has evolved tremendously over the course of the last few years.

What was a rather finite set of tasks has evolved into a larger set of responsibilities.


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A Guide to Effective Internet Marketing

After a good deal of effort, here is what we internally call a “work-of-art”!

A 11-page guide to Effective

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Internet Marketing that you can cialis vs levitra download and use cialis online to your fullest advantage!

Just take a second to fill in this exceedingly simple form and we will viagra24 online pharmacy send you a link to your very own guide to Internet Marketing.


Let us know what you think!

Google’s Penguin Update

One of the most comprehensive updates from Google made waves on the Internet in 2012.

Google is continually working to create a relevant and credible search experience for its users and this update continues the tradition. The main goal of this update is to penalize websites that are “spammy” and attempt to “cheat” the search engine by utilizing techniques that are considered to be unacceptable. The focus is on what is being termed “over-optimized” websites: those that are targeted more toward search engines and not human readers.

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The Definitive Guide to Blogging

Do you know how to blog?

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If your answer to this question is “yes”, click here and we will send you to la-la-land!!!

If your answer is “no”, please read on….

Blogs can be http://cialis24pharmacy-online.com/ established for many purposes. Some of the main reasons are (1) to share knowledge (2) to establish credibility (3) to establish authority (4) to educate (5) to build trust…and we are sure that you can think of a few more.

PS – “bragging” or “misleading” are NOT reasons to start a blog…but that ultimately depends on you!

Having said that, here is our (short and sweet) definitive quite to blogging.

Happy Blogging!


Content viagra generic is what it is really all about. The material (read “stuff”) you


in your blog post is what makes it interesting, worthwhile and that is what attracts readers. The bottom cialis24hour-pharmacy.com line is that you have to engage your audience. So write about “stuff” your readers really care about. Pick topics that are of interest to your audience. Remember to keep it original

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and relevant. Blogs take time to reach critical mass. Keep at it on a regular basis and you are sure to get the right amount of traffic.

Titles (or Headlines)

Most people scan material. The do not read unless something catches their eye and grabs their attention. Therefore, your title, or headline, needs to be engaging. Or it can be entertaining. Or Essential. Or Exclusive. We call it the “E-factor” of your headline. Don’t try to be cute. Don’t be a plain Jane. Put some thought to how to structure the headline. You have one shot at getting each visitor’s attention. Why risk it?

Here are some examples

12 mistakes to avoid when writing for

SEO Stuff




URL Naming…uh, what is that?


Copying from Others….NOT

Never. NEVER. N E V E R copy (aka plagiarize) text from another website, blog, forum (or whatever else). It will only “ding” your search engine rank. Google is smart. Very smart. So are Bing and Yahoo. They KNOW if you are copying. Seriously. And, they WILL ding you. Take our word for this. It is not that difficult to generate unique (and fresh) viagra soft cost content.



Subject Matter


Social Media


Reader Engagement


Remember to keep it simple, to the point, engaging, informative, relevant, interesting and you have a potential winner!

Now, most (if not all) of the above makes sense, right?

If you are a regular blogger, what do you do to prevent your blog from becoming extinct?

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